Why Whatsapp Is The Best Method Of Sending Wedding Invitations?

WhatsApp is a powerful social media tool utilised by almost everyone to stay in touch. Bride to be and Groom to be can take advantage of this social media tool for their wedding planning process. They can create a WhatsApp group, days, weeks or months before their marriage day to maintain effective communication with their loved ones. From sending text, pictures or videos to connecting with the loved one who is living far away, nothing seems impossible with WhatsApp! And when anything is possible in the click of a button, how can the idea of sending your Wedding Invitation through WhatsApp just would not appear? So, we dug deeper into this innovative approach and got really cool Ideas that you can play around with, to plan the best Wedding invitation through WhatsApp!

Why prefer sending invites through whatsapp?

Cost Efficient -

Of course, the first and foremost thing is, it is super-affordable and most-cost efficient! It will spare you a heavy fortune of having to spend a large and heavy budget on getting hundreds and thousands of wedding invites printed!

Pictures Can Say A Thousand Words

Undoubtedly, pictures can never fail to surprise you! And you have no idea, but you can experiment the most with the images. Whether you are the love birds who wish to keep it classic or the type of who wants to keep it their own style. Or maybe the couple who desires to tell their own story! We have a host of choices for you! Scroll down to see amazing photo ideas to leave everyone WOW with innovation!

Videos Can Never Fail To Grab Attention!

If you’re the couple who dreams to create a lasting impact, Videos could be your thing! Rather of sharing the recording of opening the wedding card, try to put an effort by making a video that leaves everyone in major awe-struck moments! You can share these videos on WhatsApp! These will grab immediate attention among your friends and relatives.

Graphics Can Never Abandon You!

The best thing you can do is hire a graphics designer, put in the details and spread the news! This is not only cost-effective but also very creative and engaging!

How About Romantic Texts?

Quotes could be boring and dull. But they can be a great start to your wedding card invitation design! Just add up those cheesy quotes and they could be the ideal glam up to your wedding invitation card.

Whatsapp Pdf

With PDF invites, you can do a lot more than just sending invitations. If you have had a recent Pre-wedding shoot! Don’t leave the pictures unattended! Attach those romantic moments and dates in the PDF and share those in a single file with your friends' and family.

Whatsapp Countdown

These wedding invitation cards could be one of the best creative options you can opt for to make sure everyone remember your special day! These are simple, elegant and perfect for you to share in that family group of yours!
Hope you got a really good idea of how WhatsApp can be a great help for your wedding! When everything has gone digital and hassle-free, why wedding invitation remains such a burden? Try these excellent ideas and do tell us in the comment, which of the plans really caught your attention and was of great help. For more such unique ideas, contact Shaadivite.